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Chuck McDowell

Louisiana born Georgia raised Chuck McDowell is an award winning songwriter and entertainer with a reputation as a remarkably prolific songwriter in songwriting circles around the country. Clever and driven in his pursuit to write better songs, his focus and energy has gained attention from, and garnered co-writes with, some of most lauded songwriters & lyricists of our day.

In the beginning…. well, In the 2nd grade, Chuck was star struck by the Beatles and amazed by the effect the guitar slinging songsters had on the girls. He decided it was time to pick up he guitar for himself. But eventually, when it was time to get serious about life and start a family, his music was relegated to his basement and occasional church services.

Over the last 12 years, Chuck has again dived into his passion and commitment to music and the wonderful connections it creates between people. A romantic, an innovator and a wildly creative personality, he first put together the eclectic ESOEBO, a guitar/cello duo with Gail Burnett that re-imagines and re-invents a wide variety of cover songs (Eclectic Selections Of Everything But Opera). Gwinnett Magazine named ESOEBO Best Entertainer of the Year.

While building an audience that now consistently sells out The Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, Chuck began to focus on songwriting again. He has garnered attention for festival appearances including 30A Songwriter Festival and International Folk Alliance. You’ll probably pick up his influences, though they are filtered through his unique and playful instincts and southern upbringing.

No Depression recently wrote “McDowell is a deft and crafty songwriter with an innate ability to write serious, emotionally deep-sounding songs born of rather innocuous incidents.” Humor and depth often intertwine letting the listener filter which they receive. His live performances are known for making people smile, laugh, cry, clap, sing, shout, and stomp.

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