How Can You Stop uTorrent From Opening On Startup?

uTorrent is a very well-liked torrent tool all across the world, and it’s created by BitTorrent Inc. Though it occupies few PC resources than the other torrent programs, a lot of users still do not like it to start up when open PC systems such as Mac, Windows, or Linux. Stop uTorrent from opening is a thing that can be done when it is maddening each time it appears on starting the Windows operating system.

uTorrent isn’t a routine app that you utilize on an everyday basis for downloads. Based on your priority, you can stop uTorrent from launching on startup. In this guide, we’ll see how to stop uTorrent from opening on startup.


You can use these fixes for your windows 10 machine:

Fix#1: Closing uTorrent Completely Every Time You Are Done Using It

Each time when you are done utilizing uTorrent, make certain you’ve completely closed all the processes. Most significantly, click on File > click Exit from the upper menu.

Fix#2: Stopping uTorrent Startup Utilizing The uTorrent Preferences

  • First of all, open uTorrent.
  • Under Options, navigate to Preferences.
  • Select the General option.
  • Make certain that Start uTorrent When Win Starts is unchecked.
  • If not, untick this option > deselect Start Minimized.
  • Apply all these changes > OK.


Fix#3: Disabling uTorrent Auto-Run While Installation

There’s an option for stopping uTorrent from launching on startup while installing the program. During the installation, when it reaches the Configuration window, uncheck the Start uTorrent when Windows starts up option > click Next for continuing.To Solve any other computer/tech related errors Tech Meozia – Everything about Tech is your place to go where you can get you every type of error solved in seconds by using the given methods.

Fix#4: Stopping uTorrent From Launching Utilizing CCleaner

  • Open CCleaner on the Windows machine.
  • Click Tools > navigate to Startup.
  • Select the row from the right side that shows the record of your uTorrent app.
  • Click Disable.

Fix#5: Changing The Windows Settings

  • Click on the little Windows logo from the bottom corner of the screen.
  • Enter Settings > click on Settings.
  • Under Apps, choose Startup.
  • Select uTorrent from the given list.
  • Click off or on.

Fix#6: Remove uTorrent From Your Startup Directory

  • Go to the Local C drive from the File Explorer.
  • Select Show Hidden Files > choose the ProgramData folder.
  • Select the Windows directory under Microsoft.
  • Next, select Programs under the Start Menu folder.
  • Hit Startup > locate and open the uTorrent folder.
  • Remove all the contents in the folder.
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Fix#7: Stopping uTorrent Startup Utilizing The Task Manager

Open task manager. To do so:

  • Utilizing shortcut: hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Click on More Details, navigate to the Startup tab.
  • Choose the row of uTorrent > click on Disable.


In a nutshell, resolving this issue is a matter of following the correct steps. Try the solutions mentioned above to solve this issue. And if uTorrent is not really your cup of tea, there’re a lot of other torrent clients you can make use of instead. And keep in mind; always make use of a VPN for protecting security and privacy when downloading different torrent files online.